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Article in Salon Magazine

"Barbicide celebrates its 60th year of commitment to the professional salon industry. The iconic blue jar, which has become synonymous with protecting staff and clients alike from cross-infection, takes pride of place in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

Barbicide pioneered salon hygiene and still leads the field today being the only product on the market that kills HIV-1(Aids virus), Hepatitis B and C within 30 seconds. This enables salons to adopt a ‘Best Practise’ policy of disinfecting tools between clients.

Although there has been an explosion in the hygiene market Barbicide is inevitably requested. "If you want a cola drink, you ask for a Coke" says Carol Cona, the executive director of Georgette Klinger salon on Madison Avenue. "with fungicides, it’s Barbicide. I think everyone uses it."

Mitchell Pine, co-owner of Coppola, a salon frequented by Gwen Stefani and Cate Blanchett said customers demand that a comb be dipped in Barbicide if dropped. Jon Verza, owner of the 85-chair Astor Place, said customers will criticize if even one station does not have a jar.

People are increasingly concerned about germs –especially with news of a recent outbreak of the drug–resistant form of staph infection. The cross-infection issue in salons became widespread and even the butt of late-night jokes on the Letterman show when singer and "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul testified about a flesh-eating fungus that she acquired after a manicure in 2006. Unofficial estimates of cross-infection caused by a casual approach to cleaning tools and surfaces between clients are worryingly high.

At a time when staff and client expectations have never been higher and your responsiveness to them gives your business the edge, correct use of Barbicide is essential."

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